Minimalist Maltese Nostalgia by Te fit-Tazza

The Mediterranean isle of Malta may be tiny, however what it may lack in size, it more than makes up for in rich traits that define its unique people and character. Inspired by these distinct local elements – from old-style bus tickets and milk cartons to iconic Maltese nightclubs – co-founders Craig Macdonald and Andrew Farrugia create instantly recognisable designs that strip subjects down to their bare essentials.

From the colours right down to the frame of each print, Te fit-Tazza is a reflection not only of Craig and Andrew’s love for Malta’s striking identity and past, but also of their passion for curated detail and quality.

What does Te fit-Tazza mean? In a nod to a Maltese ‘in joke’, their brand literally translates to ‘tea served from a tumbler’.

Quote from co-founders

“Is there anything harder than trying to find a new way of looking at things which are cherished – but familiar? For us, the challenge was not how to portray them in a different light – but where to start.”


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