The Trigger Effect

Greek contemporary art and art collectors have exploded onto our radar recently and this forward-thinking exhibition, The Trigger Effect, is just what we have been waiting for. Art collector Dakis Joannou in collaboration with architect Andreas Angelidakis have decided to completely reconstruct and magnify the Duchampian notion of objets trouvés (found objects) by collating pieces from every part of his collection to make a thoroughly comprehensive exhibition of juxtaposed objects. From sound pieces, to design, to architecture, to fashion; this show has something for everyone. My favorite part? The exhibition’s refreshing intent to leave the sometimes stodgy, art-history-obssessed contemporary art world behind and allow the collection to just be itself — fresh, visual, and 100% contemporary. As Angelidakis states, “Essentially, the whole collection is about contemporary culture as a whole. It is not an academic collection about art history.” Bravo!


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