Thomas Rentmeister Artist

Chicken Wire and Nutella (again)  are on Thomas Rentmeister’s radar these days. This Berlin based German artist’s most recent exhibit is a glorious symphony of  “non-artist” materials which reference everyday objects in our modern matrix.

Ordinary, common and overlooked yet adored and depended upon, Rentmeister’s talent is his ability to make the uninteresting come together in the most interesting,  violent and passionate expression. Preferring to move “under the art scene radar”, he is a purist at heart, a social and political commentator extremely apathetic to the notion of shoving anything down anyone’s throat.


Not one for self aggrandizing, he does not market through the various “sell out” avenues, his subtlety is birthed through process not unlike a layman preferring to create with his gut, instincts, heart and conscious/consciousness. You either dig his aloof, rebellious approach, or you don’t. Either way, he’s going to keep giving us a refreshing, highly spirited fuck you (with manners) pieces of art swinging in voluminous spacial scenes using industrially mass produced materials such as refrigerators, high gloss polyester you want to lick over and over again, potato chips, sugar cubes  and yes…more Nutella.  All of this with a healthy dose of humor and irony make for an extraordinary over-sized magical experience.

Just to give you an idea of how super cool this guy is,  here are his thoughts on the “death” of the art  scene in Berlin “I like that it’s over. Berlin is still a big city but it’s a little bit more normal now. I never really liked the hype in the 90s where everyone tried to come here and get established as whatever.” It’s like fashion, there’s always going to be a new exhibition concept; there’s always going to be a newer, cooler city.” After reading that, I don’t think there will be a newer, cooler, groovier artist than he in that city.


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